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Star Hunter

4.4 ( 2224 ratings )
ゲーム 教育 教育 パズル
開発者 Mark Ferbert

A fun challenge to find hidden galaxies in numeric order. All galaxies are created by a Big Bang and shown for a short time so you can study their numbers and positions, then they are hidden and you start the hunt.

Once you find a hidden galaxy, it will glow hot and shouldnt be hit again. If so, each hit will lower the point value of the galaxy until it is worth no points.

Finding galaxies quickly will add extra bonus points.

Once finding all the galaxies, a black hole appears. You then need to enter the black hole to finish the level.

There is only so much time after the Big Bang to find all the galaxies and enter the black hole. The time remaining is displayed by a shrinking bar at the bottom of the space view.

If you make it to the black hole before the time runs out, you will get bonus points for the remaining time. Otherwise, its GAME OVER.

The top 10 highest scores are stored with initials that you choose.

Completing level 20 will finish the game and reward you with a bonus of 1/2 of the total points accumulated during the game.

The game can be played by touching and dragging the star scope through space, or by tilting the device. This can be changed using the options menu.